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Smarthome Cremerboulevard

This repository contains the set-up of my smart home, featured by the open-source project Home Assistant.

The full configuration till what it is today, took around one year of hobby time. This is mainly because we increased the number of devices over time. I feel it is a steady situation and I expect that not much devices will be added in foreseeable future. Hence, it is a good time to put the code on Github and do some version control.

If you have any questions about my set-up or smarthomes in general, feel free to contact or use the issue functionality!

The house

The house is situated in Utrecht in a district called New-England, Utrecht. More specifically, we live at the Cremerstraat, a beautiful street with sights over the most busy railroad track in the Netherlands and only a ten-minute walk from the city center. The house was built around 1910 and had originally a ground level and one floor. Over the years, toilets, bathroom, second floor (2017), a roof terrace (2020) and a bike shed (2020) were added to the house.

Aerial photo of Utrecht around 1930. The arrow marks our street. On the right, we observe the Dom tower, which can be seen from the house as well. Het Utrechts Archief.


The following table provides the devices used by the home automation. When buying new devices, I try to keep the following matters into consideration:

Hence, most devices come from the IKEA :) Also, since I try to limit spending, there is no smart climate, smart keys, or fancy displays.

Device Manufacturer Model Protocol Price Pcs Link
Control outlet IKEA TRÅDFRI Zigbee €10 1
Control outlet IKEA Askvader Zigbee €10 3
Dimmer Philips Hue Zigbee €20 1
Door sensor Aqara   Zigbee €53 6
Doorbell + Antenna KIKA ACDB-6600AC RTL-SDR, MQTT (via €25 1
ESP32 Espressif ESP32-WROOM-32D Bluetooth & WiFi €5 1
Flower sensor Vegtrug   Bluetooth (via ESP32) €19 1
Heater EUROM CK2003 Turbo 2000W via outlet (€29) 1
LED + 200W power   24V RGB/ White spectrum 19W/m IP67 960lmn/m via driver €188 10m
LED + 50W power   24V LED 12W IP65 1260lmn/m 2700K via shelly €41 2.5m
LED driver GLEDOPTO GL-C-007 Zigbee €29 1
Light bulb IKEA TRÅDFRI GU10 400lmn 2700K Zigbee €14 2
Light bulb IKEA TRÅDFRI GU10 White spectrum Zigbee €80 5
Light bulb Philips Hue E14 Ambiance White spectrum Zigbee €45 2
Light bulb Philips Hue E27 Ambiance White spectrum Zigbee €130 3
Light bulb Philips Hue E27 Filament Dimmable 7W Zigbee €20 1
Motion sensor IKEA TRÅDFRI Zigbee €39 3
Motion sensor Philips Hue, w/ thermometer Zigbee €40 1
NAS Synology DS216play API (€250) 1
Printer Canon MG3650S IPP (WLAN) (€74) 1
RTL-SDR RTL Cube 820T2 Zigbee €12 1
Relay Shelly 1PM Zigbee €25 2
Relay Shelly 2.5 Zigbee €17 1
Remote control IKEA TRÅDFRI Zigbee €15 1
Router ZTE H369A / Experia Box v10 SNMP, UPnP - 1
Router TP-Link Archer AX55 - (€100) 1
Solar Growatt ShineLan-X LAN, MQTT (via Grott), PVOutput - 1  
Switch TP-Link TL-SG108S - (€37) 1
Thermometer Aqara w/ humidity, pressure Zigbee €43 5
Thermometer TuYa TS0201, w/ humidity and display Zigbee €16 1
Wireless dimmer IKEA TRÅDFRI Zigbee €14 2
Zigbee controller Texas Instruments CC2531 ZHA €10 1

Hardware experiences


We bought a LED strip + power supply + driver for both the bike shed and roof terrace at The LED at the bike shed was easy to install since we only had to cut but not to join any strips. The controlling of this light strip is done by a Shelly, which are great drivers as they are easy to install and just work out-of-box on WiFi.

The installation of the LED at the roof terrace was harder and took us several weeks! Since our roof terrace is 4*2 meters, we needed 10m of LED strips (4+2+4 for three sides). The LED strips were delivered as two 5m long strips, so we had to cut and reconnect them. We did not expect that this would be so hard. Since these strips are RGBWW, 5 strands needed to be connected at each joint. We bought some non-solder connections from but we did not get them to work on all five strands simultaneously. Hence, we need to solder the connections, which is hard given that the strands are only 1-2mm apart.


The IKEA devices are all good quality, especially for the low price they are sold. Lights are good and the remotes all work very well. The motion sensor reports motion fast, maybe even a bit too fast; especially on warmer days (>20 degrees Celsius), it triggers sometimes at random. Major drawback is the difficulty to pair them; the only thing which works for the lights is by manually powercycle them. As the IKEA manual is not very accurate on how to this, I used the instructions from IKEA Switzerland (especially see the comment of Jon B.).


I like the idea of a flower sensor very much, so that is the reason I paid this relatively expensive gadget. I will use it to monitor a citrus plant that is not doing so well :) It works via Bluetooth Low-Energy so I monitor this device with an ESP32 using ESPHome. An open-source database for the Vegtrug can be found at

TuYa temperature sensor

Nice thermometer with a display that shows the temperature and humidity. Updates very fast (over Zigbee) when temperature changes. Major drawback: very limited battery-life of 1-2 weeks.


Both the temperature sensors and door sensors work very well on Zigbee with either Zigbee2MQTT or ZHA. Battery life is around 6-12 months.


Feel free to ask more experiences by opening an issue!


See the img/ directory!